Retail Marketing

Sales Tracking Or Awareness Calls

Have a priority title and not enough time to properly make retailers aware of it?

Got an artist on the road or getting radio airplay and want to
make sure the CD is stocked sufficiently I those markets?

Need to track sales in key markets but your intern just went
on the road with his band, Goat Destruction?

We've been in the music retail marketing business since 1995 and have the most up-to-date data and contact in the biz. Rock, Hip-Hop, Americana, R&B, Metal -- whatever the genre of your project, we will target the best outlets.

• You tell us your needs (targeting based on airplay, tour dates, genre,   key markets, etc.)
• We'll put together a list of retailers who make the most sense for your   record
• Calls can begin almost immediately or scheduled according to the   timing of the project
• Can provide mailing labels if you want to tie a promo mailing in with   the calls
• Can fill guest lists, set up contests, solicit discretionary listening   posts, etc. if you so require
• A comprehensive Activities and Findings Report will be emailed to   you upon project completion

Sample Calls Report

Sample Report from actual Awareness Calls campaign


For booking info contact:
Vince Hans - vince at
Or Call 818-752-8000