Retail Database

With target marketing and cost-cutting more important
than ever, Almighty offers a comprehensive directory of every
U.S. music outlet to help you work more efficiently with retail

  • Independent Stores
  • Chain Stores + Chain HQs
  • Online/Mailorder Retailers
  • One Stops + Racks
  • Mass Merchants - Stores + HQs
  • Lifestyle/Nontraditional retailers with music sections

Each of the nearly 10,000 individual store profiles in the Almighty Retail
database is updated every 4 months with:

  • Full contact info (incl. email) for owners, buyers, managers + other key personnel
  • Radio stations that influence the store's sales
  • Genres of music each account specializes in
  • In-store play capability (i.e. cd, vinyl, mp3, dvd, etc)
  • Programs and promotions the store may offer record labels/distributors
  • Charts the store reports to; Soundscan strata and DMA
  • Nearby cinemas, concert venues and lifestyle accounts
  • Tour Market(s)
  • POP formats the store wants and will use - to cut down on waste
  • In-store performance policies and capability
  • Local/consignment CD policy
  • Buying procedures and regional programs for chains
  • And much more- over 50 fields of information on each account

Subscription access is web-based and costs far less than it would take to devote staff to maintaining this sort of data. Access includes unlimited usage:

  • Searchable by over 30 different fields of data (including all the above)
  • Each user can sort/save data according to their own needs and add info or notes that only their company can view
  • Avery mailing labels and tracking call sheets can be printed with one click
  • Can either complement or replace your existing database


*Customized one-time store lists are also available for purchase

"Almighty's Database is a life saver. It's a one-stop shop for all the information I need, not only about retail, but about the drivers in each market that effect it." - Jamie Farkas - General Manager / Vice Records

Sample Store Profile


Sample Search Options and Search Results Screen

For subscription info contact:
Vince Hans - vince at almightymusicmarketing.com
Or Call 818-752-8000