Since 1995, the ISIS Listening Station Program has helped over 250 major and independent record labels promote their established, new, and developing artists to core music buyers at select independent retailers nationwide. We have stations prominently placed in full-service stores throughout the U.S. and offer three regional options, as well as targeted ADULT and AGGRO programs for the most cost effective marketing to fit your needs.

Core Music Buyers · To develop new artists, you need to target the core music fans who buy music early on and tell their friends.  Atmosphere and selection are important to these people - our retail partners are core indie stores and pop culture hotbeds where fans go to seek new and interesting music.  Whatever the genre, "impulse listens" are pivotal to sell through for developing artists, and our stations feature titles that are targeted to the cutting edge and adventurous consumer.

Tastemaker Stores · Our store list consists of unique, full service independent retailers.  Not only are these stores the tastemakers in their respective markets, they are also solid accounts.  The ISIS program features a high percentage of single-standing independents, which are the heaviest-weighted of all Soundscan reporters. 

Positioning · Indie stores, by their size and nature, are tough to secure product placement in.  The ISIS program is one of the only ways to do this.

Our listening stations, which are located in high visibility areas in each store, front-merchandise product, and for added awareness, feature a descriptive write-up of each title running. 

Stocking / Compliance · The ISIS program runs on a calendar month, with the stations getting changed over on the 1st.  The stores agree to stock all of the featured titles throughout the month and place orders with one-stops at least twice a week, so they're always able to have stock on hand as a title sells.

We inform the stores which titles are running 7-10 days prior to the new month starting to give them adequate time to order stock.  We also email the major one-stops this information to keep their buyers and sales managers up-to-date so they can be prepared should stores place orders with them.

Tracking · Stores in the ISIS program are contacted twice a month.  We do tracking based on initial stock and reorders, and provide you with a report at the end of the month.  In addition to tracking sales figures, we keep our stores informed of special promotions, and gather feedback on specific and hot titles. We love to talk music and have a very good relationship with the people in the ISIS stores.

"In 30+ years of running my store, ISIS's stations have been the most effective tool I've found for promoting indie and alternative music."
 - Jim Otto / Sound Spectrum, Laguna Beach CA

"ISIS has an uncanny sense about what people should be listening to."
 - Larry May / CD Cellar, Anniston, AL

"ISIS knows what they're doing.  They've initially brought records to our attention that have been top sellers for months afterward."
 - Doug Jayne / Last Record Store, Santa Rosa, CA

"ISIS always features quality titles and a diverse selection, and that's what my customer's like."  
 - Blair Elliot / Siren Records, Doylestown, PA

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Vince Hans - vince at
Or Call 818-752-8000

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